Rooster Ribbon is a Dutch manufacturer of Isophasic Planar drivers with high output capabilities, for applications ranging from reference studio-monitoring, up to high sound pressure level (line-array) sound reinforcement systems.

Rooster Ribbon technology is developed by Philip“ Dr.Phil” de Haan, since 1986 R&D engineer of 4 generations of benchmark-setting high-output isophasic transducers.

With a significant number of patents and patent-applications, Philip can be seen as “father of today’s pro-ribbon technology”. Currently, Philip is head of R&D at Alcons Audio, where he developed the RBN pro-ribbon driver platform a.o.

First product is the i4p, a 6” tall, high efficiency isophasic planar driver, with a usable frequency range of 1kHz to beyond 20kHz. The 103dB sensitivity and 1000W peak input make it the ideal building block for reference monitoring designs, sound reinforcement systems, a.o.

Rooster Ribbon also manufactures spare diaphragms for earlier types of isophasic planar drivers (“ribbon compact drivers”), SA8525/26 and SA8535.

Philip: “we received many requests for replacement diaphragms over the last years; Due to the irregular supply in the past and the uncertain future availability, we felt it as a moral obligation to start a production line specifically for these replacement sets, to continue the legacy.”

Philip: “as we could acquire the original tooling, parts and the original casting moulds, I’m very happy that we are able to offer the i4p driver, 1:1 exchangeable with my design of 1993 SA8535, as well as the spare diaphragms. We were also able to improve the original diaphragm designs.”

With Rooster Ribbon drivers and diaphragms, you are assured of having the right replacement that meets (and even exceeds!) the OEM quality.
Re-manufactured by the original designer, casted from the original moulds!
Rooster Ribbon is an initiative of Alcons Audio, manufacturer of pro-ribbon sound systems.